HOME '23


For the HOME collection, I explored the feeling of what home means to me through my experience over the last couple of years and expressed what the brand has morphed into.

With the exploration of bolder colors, folds, gathers, embroidery, silhouettes, and techniques that are already familiar to the brand, a new yet genuine identity is tapped into.

I came back home to Kumasi, after close to 5years of being away to work with weavers here and introduce an already existing fabric Kente, whose production technique has been passed down from generation to generation to the brand and our family around the world, TheCLAN whose immense support has kept us going.

Red crochet jumper and high waisted wide leg pants

Red balloon dress with sunflower embellishments

Red puff sleeves dress

The goal for this collection is to use what is already there but in a modern way whilst maintaining our sustainable practices of making pieces that have longevity and the infusion of dead stock fabrics.

I put my heart, and self and worked every detail with undying passion and I hope as always TheCLAN loves every piece.