KAYADUA is a Ghanaian based fashion brand founded in 2018 by Eyiwaa Agyekumhene. Eyiwaa graduated from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Ghana in 2017, where she studied Integrated Rural Arts and Industry, majoring in Fiber and Fabrics. She grew up with her grandmothers, who inspired her with their way of living and ability to make interesting fashion items with their hands out of natural talent. The fact that they were not taught these things but could make them really grew her interest. They also had the habit of buying unique fashion items, items that could stand the test of time.

We believe there's a special feeling an item exudes that connects people and families through shared moments and memories when it's made with the intention to last long. Eyiwaa strives to design and make pieces that can stand the test of time, pieces that tell stories from one generation to the next. She aims to be a designer who designs with purpose.

KAYADUA is more than a fashion brand, its a force for change where freedom is a continuous journey among the The CLAN. The brand honors the legacy of the elders in Ghana, while inspiring younger generations to express themselves creatively.

The brand is built with an essence to inspire confidence and freedom of self expression. We strive to celebrate uniqueness which serves as an underlying aesthetic that drives our designs. We believe true expression are those that come from within, personal and untamed.

Our production usually takes a slow fashion approach where the KAYADUA pieces are often made by hand ( and can take a day to weeks of production time on one piece ), which interprets our perspective offering the wearer solidity whilst featuring in style. KAYADUA explores connection between self and strength through traditional techniques such as weaving, beading and other intricate processes with our team here in Accra. 

The brand has worked with the North Carolina based artist, Moses Sumney on the custom-made mask which was in his lockdown series featured in Vogue and also wore it for his ColorsXstudios performance. Our pieces has made appearances in GraziaUK, I-D, Courier Media, Vogue, Ellefr, OE Magazine and other magazines.

Our current stockists include; Online shop Wade Store - Paris, Mate Masie Curation - California, Moja Kobe - Japan, Bona Drag - North America, Fuggiamo - Los Angeles.

With the desire to encourage the freedom of self expression, we allow ourselves an open field for creativity from spaces even beyond the world of fashion.

Welcome to a true brand.