The Beginning

In the Beginning...

all we had was an idea, a drive, a skill and a Story to share with the world. We write this on a warm Sunday afternoon, 10 January in Accra. 29 months from our first official product launch. 

The Statement Neckpiece was our first product made but it was not launched until the year 2018. The first sample was made somewhere in 2016 by our founder Eyiwaa for her Fiber and Fabrics end of semester practicals whiles studying at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. It was hand woven by using the weaving technique, known as macrame. A technique she learnt and grew interested in during her time at KNUST.

Statement Neckpiece-back       

Statement Neckpiece - Back detail              


     Statement Neckpiece-Front

   Statement Neckpiece - Front detail


Statement Neckpiece-First sample

       Photo credit: Nana Kwesi ( Ig @yeezysmalls )


 In 2018, we released our first official product, the Agudie bag. Inspired by the beautiful craftsmanship and natural skills of our elderly Ghanaian women; their nurturing love, life values and skills they pass on to us. 

The bag was made to honor the beautiful stories and longevity of the pieces created by our mothers and shared from generation to generation.

Eyiwaa started working on the first sample in July 2018. The first two tries of the design was a fail according to her. She wanted to make a hand woven bag with a flat base and the first two was not close to flat. The body of the bag was fine but not the base. With a third run through the design and materials, she was able to achieve the design the third time. The first Agudie bag made was in orange. She then went on to better the design by making the other samples in different colors. Her approach to this design took on a uniqueness longevity and functionality approach. 

If you take a close look at your Agudie bag or if you do not own one, view with us from your screen. The bag has a flat wooden base that makes it sits still. It also offer you two handling options, a long handle and a short handle. The drawing string of the bag which is added to serve as a closing is made 36 inches long, long enough to serve as a short handle when needed. All the inside linings are sewn from dead stock cotton fabric.


first sample of the Agudie bag 

       Eyiwaa photographed by Nana Appiah ( Ig @fodoa_ ) in her home at Santa Maria, which served as our production space for 2 years, making the first samples of the Agudie bag.

 Her design approach always takes on the longetivity, functionality and uniqueness of the product. We always have the best interest of our customers and the world around us in mind when designing. We are also mostly slow in our production process as most of our pieces are made by hand.

Thanks for taking time to get to know us.